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Our Story

I spent over 15 years traveling throughout the South and Western Pacific while sourcing various products to support a sustainable fishing co-op. I travelled to some of the world’s most remote destinations, from white coral sand islands with only a few inhabitants, to ancient, bustling cities which balance timeless traditions and modern amenities.

No matter how diverse the culture, common across all my adventures was a passion for the craft of making of local cuisine. When sharing a meal with locals, it always felt like a gift was being offered. The regional, high quality ingredients used and the devotion to unwritten recipes defined these cultures.

On a mission to procure sea salt for use in the preservation of fish I trekked to New Zealand. On this stunningly beautiful island nation, only Dominion Salt Co. produced sea salt from the surrounding pristine ocean waters. While there was a responsibility to harvest salt to meet the needs of its population and trades, Dominion recognized the pristine resource and the culture’s passion for this extraordinary ingredient. Natural Sea Salt was established to meet the demand for this purest of ingredients.

As a foodie, I immediately recognized the premium quality, unique textures and exceptional flavor of New Zealand sea salt, and was determined to bring this back to the U.S.  At first I brought home just enough to use in my own kitchen, but soon began gifting Flaky Sea Salt to friends on holidays and special occasions.  The calls from those friends would come not long after…

“Hey, where can I get some more of that salt? “ …And here we are.

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