Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt

Flaky Sea Salt will elevate your cooking experience! These brilliant-white, delicate flakes are a wonderful way to perfectly season any dish, from fresh off the grill steaks to salads, or even desserts! Enjoy the sweet mild flavor and soft crunchy texture of these versatile sea salt flakes.

These flakes are created using an age-old technique of accelerating the evaporation process by heating the dense sea water brine collected from our dedicated Organic ponds. Unique pyramid shaped crystals form on the water’s surface during this careful practice, and are gently collected and packaged.

We recommend keeping a full salt-cellar or ramekin on you kitchen counter and Flaky Sea Salt will soon become your favorite “go-to” seasoning for all applications. Take a pinch between your fingers and gently crumble onto your creations. The control of distribution and food adherence will make you feel like a professional chef.

The origin for any sea salt is the key to quality, food safety and flavor. Because of the high water quality, we believe there is no more pure source than Marlborough, New Zealand. Certified for Organic Input by BIO GRO New Zealand, this is a completely natural product with no additives or impurities.

Outer carton /14kg (30.86lbs)
Inner carton/3.5kg (7.72lbs)X4
Pallet / 24 cartons per pallet 336kg (1739.2lbs)